Who would you have to dinner?

I was reading an essay recently by the great British writer Dorothy L Sayers. The essay contained her thoughts about feminism & is entitled “Are women human?” I agreed with the majority of what she said & it got me thinking about how I would like to have met her & perhaps been part of a dinner party with her so that conversation might flow freely.

Once that train of thought had begun, I gave it free reign & began to think about the perfect dinner party guest list. I decided that because my reason for going down this imaginary road was due to Dorothy L Sayers, that death, in this instance of a hypothetical dinner party should be no barrier to attendance!

This guest list is entirely personal & would be for each of us & rightly so, for, to quote the lady herself ‘We are all individuals’! So my INDIVIDUAL guest list for a dinner party would be:

Dorothy L Sayers: I love all the Lord Peter Wimsey books, have read some of her other works & feel we may have similar views on certain issues.

Stephen Fry: I think he is a very interesting & intelligent man who has an integrity & humility not all in his profession possess. I think he too would find Dorothy Sayers interesting.

Jill Paton Walsh: Partly because she completed some of Dorothy L Sayers books & I’d like to get them together to see how well they thought that had worked, but partly too because she strikes me as an interesting lady.

Jeff Lucas: He is a Christian speaker who has a wonderfully refreshing sense of the absurdity of much that passes for ‘churchianity’, yet is a genuinely compassionate human being.

Catherine Marshall: Another author who has had a great influence on my life. She wrote about her journals – her diary of her Christian walk with God.

C S Lewis: Because he combines a great intellect, a love for God & a childlike imagination that I think Jesus would have been very at home with.
Me: Because there is no point having them all there if I’m not!

Finally, but perhaps most interesting of all…..

Jesus: because I think He above everyone would enthrall us with his conversation & He loved dinner parties!

How about you? Who would your 7 guests be & why?